New Labradoodle puppies

New Labradoodle puppies

Wow, what a week! New Labradoodle puppies! We have had two surprise births this week. It takes a very alert owner to stay on top of these girls! We were expecting both Skye and Dew Drop to give birth on Sat the 29th. On Wed evening and night Skye went into labour and gave birth too seven little Australian Labradoodle puppies, these puppies have the Wheaten infusion They are all healthy and doing very well. Skye has been a very attentive and loving mother to the puppies and they have thrived under her care. We have posted pictures of the puppies on the Labradoodles available page for you to see the sweet little ones. She still has 5 puppies available for families so we are happy about this!

Turn the clock forward to Fri afternoon. Here is Dew Drop nesting and pacing! This gentle girl had her puppies in 1.5 hours. We are very happy for her as she has been given three little ones. A very nice sized litter for a first time mommy to gain experience with! We want to post pictures for you all to see his afternoon, they will be on the Labradoodles available page!

We are so very grateful for 10 health new Labradoodle puppies! All healthy and growing! These puppies have Nov. 28th and Nov. 30th adoption dates and so will be a perfect addition to the family Christmas celebration!

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