Labradoodle fun

Labradoodle fun

More Labradoodle¬†fun for you to watch! These are the female puppies from Comet and Bentley’s litter! I took this video for a family in P.A who is tring to decide which of the female puppies is right for them! I decided to share the Labradoodle fun with all of you as well.

Both of these girls as stated in the video are very calm and friendly, they are very similar in look as well as temperament which means that no matter which puppy this family will choose there will be no wrong choice! This is the great thing about Australian Labradoodles, they are so very uniform in temperament and confirmation as well as coat type that it is really hard to go wrong with this kind of Australian Labradoodle fun!! I should add that one still should be very careful to adopt form well mannered and socialized Labradoodle parents as well as check into health testing and see where the Labradoodle parents sleep at night, this will give you a very strong feel for the care and concern for your breeder and the Labradoodle you are looking into. If the conditions are crowded and dirty, it will most likely be best to choose another breeder!

But, back to happy chatter! Red Labradoodles are very sweet and the colour has become very popular! Most adoptive families tell us tales of being stopped on the street by strangers to ask about the puppy as the colour is so beautiful and rare! So if you are contented not making new friends than perhaps an different colour will be better for you – GRIN!! Who doesn’t need or want another friend?? These girls have one brother who is available for adoption, if you are intersted in meeting him, feel free to contact us!!

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