Copper the Graduate!

Copper the Graduate!


Yup…we’re guilty as charged for bragging but hey, we are proud owners of, what I would say, is the cutest, most loving and playful labradoodle pup ever!!! 🙂  I can’t get over how much joy “Copper” brings to our family!!!

Copper the beautiful!

Everyone needs a labradoodle!!!

Copper “graduated” from puppy class last week!!  He’s doing amazing well.  I can’t believe how smooth things have went and how quick they learn!!  I’ve attached a pic (his graduating pic).  I agree…he’s long overdue for a puppy trim…he’s going for a cut this Friday!!!  🙂

Thanks again Connie. We truly are so happy with Copper!!!  I have no doubt that the other pups you have will also be wonderful new additions for other families as well.
Have a safe and enjoyable summer!!
Nicole, Dave, Myiah and Copper!!!
Copper is a red Australian Labradoodle ~ Son to Raine and Flame!

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