Labradoodle romp 2013

Labradoodle romp 2013
labradoodle romp

Sit and stay contest.

And so you ask, “how was Labradoodle romp 2013”?? The answer to that is WONDERFUL! We had a great time together! 15 Australian Labradoodle puppies in various stages of growth, and 50 people who love them and care for them on a daily basis!!

We escaped the storms going through the area, with just a short time of rain ish sprinkles! The Labradoodles for sure did not mind, I think it may have made them even more carefree and excited! The humans faired just a bit worse but made use of our house and trees!! It was great to feel the optimism even if we were getting wet!

Burgers were served and after the “time of rain” most everyone chose to go on the hayride! It was a full ride and it sounded like fun! I think even the Labradoodles enjoyed the adventure!

We did 3 different games, a relay with leashes, a sit and stay contest, and a relay with sitting and running! All the Labradoodles and humans did great even with how young some of the Labradoodles were, we had 2 older girls who could hold their sit for a LONG time! Momma Bree and Sugar by name!

Was a wonderful day and I am hoping to see picture and hear tales from others who were here! I am always looking for new pictures and stories to post on the site!!

A great big thank-you to all who made this day good!



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