Labradoodle news!

Labradoodle news!

Here is the hottest Labradoodle news, hot off the press. I have done a lousy job of Blogging since the romp! My appoligies! Seems that we worked towards that weekend and then got stuck in the after glow of seeing everyone here for the romp! What a pile of fun!

Since then Connie has had her wisdom teeth removed and Luke has had one of our nephews move in for the summer to help him out! Ted is doing a fabulous job of helping us keep everyone and every thing fed watered and loved! He is a super help!

Lights puppies are growing by leaps and bounds! So very tiny adn sweet. They are almost 5 weeks now and 4 of them have found families! We are so excited as 3 out of the 4 get to go into homes where training to be a therapy/helper dog is a big possibility! We LOVE when our puppies get to go and help others!

We have a few families that have headed out for their summer vacations and so we get to care for “our” puppies again! We have 4 dogs coming back this month for a short stay. It is so much fun as they have been trained and loved by their families and we just get to fill that grandparent role of spoil them while they are here and then send them home!! I promise we do not give them candy!! So I guess not quite like a grandparent!

I think that catches you up to t

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