Fun in Malibu

Fun in Malibu

I had the opportunity to attend the 12th annual and final Australian Labradoodle Romp in Malibu California, the beginning of September! This was a great experience, meeting so many Australian Labradoodles/Cobberdogs and their owners, and judging several of the competitions. The highlight for me was to meet Beverley Manners, the co founder of the Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog breed, and spend time chatting with Eve, the editor of Beverley’s newly released book, The Complete Labradoodle and Australian Cobberdog now available here.

The Complete Labradoodle and Australian Cobberdog

Other highlights included the Kissing Contests…IMG_0497 Malibu kissing contest, and the Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog sprint for Doodles over 40LBS…IMG_0495 Sprint over 40 LBS…And the sprint for Doodles under 40LBS IMG_0496 Sprint under 40lbs part 1… Then the final, IMG_0496 Sprint under 40lbs part 2. To watch these highlights just click on the links, they may take a few seconds to load.

Our annual Labradoodle romp here at Arrowhead has a ways to go before it gets as big as “Woodstock for dogs” in Malibu! Don’t forget to fill out your registration for our 2014 Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog romp.





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