Beautiful Day for puppies!

This is just an amazing day for puppies! Sun is shining, cloths are all clean and hanging out in the sun, children are all napping and mom gets some quiet! Oh yes, and the puppies are growing and becoming more and more adorable by the day!

Skye’s puppies are all adopted but the coloured male, who by the way is my personal favourite. All of the families are so nice and I am confident that all of them will be wonderful families to the puppies. The puppies are headed in for de sexing next week and this week is the first shots and micro chipping. It is hard work getting ready to be adopted some days!

Zephyr’s puppies are creeping about and just being cute. They are going to be discovering the way out of their whelping box sooner or later and then the fun and development really starts.

Yes, this is a great day and I am enjoying it to the full!~

Comments on “Beautiful Day for puppies!

  1. admin April 18, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    The markings on these puppies are very rare and unusual! What a amazing litter you are!

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