A Labradoodle 2016!

A Labradoodle 2016!

Hello all and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray that this year will find you all well and learning every day about new and true joy!!

We are so excited about this new year! There are new puppies snuggling close to momma’s, there are new families finding the perfect Labradoodle pup for them and there are Luke and I and our children enjoying the adventure along side you. We are working hard to make the adventure more fun for all and more seamless as well………..

For our friends in the States, there has been a new step that you must take in order to bring your puppy into the states if you want to bring it home before it is 14 weeks when it gets it’s rabbis shots. You need to get a hold of the CDC’s website and there is a form there you must fill out and submit. All the breeders I have chatted with about this say no one ever gets turned down, so I am not sure why they put it into place, but they have. If you are wanting more info I can get you a link to the page you need.

We have added 2 wonderful ladies to our team here at Arrowhead. Kelly and Nancy are both certified dog trainers and they have agreed to help us out with the training end of things here.  Both ladies took their training with Norma Jean and follow very well in her steps. Our children have taken lots of tips from them and are taking some of their favourite Labradoodles in hand to teach them a few manners! It is so fun to watch as the tips that Nancy & Kelly give are so easy to follow that the children get pretty good success and that makes everyone happy!! So take heart there are easy ways to train your puppy to be your best friend and well behaved at the same time. So if you choose to have your pup trained by us before you take it home these ladies will be working with the puppy. Also it is these ladies who will be here on puppy take home day to give us all tips on training and teach a class to help you feel more confident going forward.  This is a great boost for our program and we are so excited about it!!

We have switched dog foods…….. We now use 4 Strong Paws and are happy with it. If you want to give it a try you can by going here https://4strongpaws.com/products/  if you use the code 58735 they will give you a discount .. Kind nice!

We have had a few more families join in our foster family program. We now have 10 Labradoodle adults in homes. These families are one of the corner stones of our program. They all are wonderful and we are grateful to each of them

Our prices were also affected this year. They have needed to go from the 2500.00 too 2850.00 It is the one sad change that has taken place this year.

Our annual doodle romp is planned for June 11 2016 and we are hoping that most of “our” puppies can make it home for a free day of fun!

Thank you so much for trusting us as your Labradoodle breeder! We love what we do and we love to see you smile!


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  1. Sharon February 9, 2016 at 10:58 pm

    4 Strong Paws is definitely a great dog food, I use it too. Thanks as well for the coupon code!

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