Planned Labradoodle litters

Upcoming Labradoodle Litters. The litters listed below are litters that we are planning to mate, We are taking reservations on each litter, but we want you to be aware that the actual seasons and whelping of the pair may be different than posted as Mother Nature ultimately decides when a girl will come into season and if she will carry a litter of puppies. We are excited to have you join us in the puppy adventure, which is great fun for everyone.



This will be an exciting first time mating! Mini is a gentle girl and we are looking forward to meeting her Labradoodle puppies. They will be Medium in size 27-35lbs. Standing about 16ins tall. They will wear non shed Loose fleece or spiral fleece coats. In colours of apricot, black, silver, perhaps chocolate. Adoption date mid April, List is open, 0 places taken.


This is a repeat mating! We are in love with both the look and personality of this litter! Loose fleece or spiral fleece coats with super sweet and gentle personalities.. Medium in size. 27-38lbs, about 16ins tall. We are expecting colours of silver, black, and apricot. Adoption date Mid April. List is open and 4 places are taken.


This litter will be a snuggle bunch! Both Thunder and Lotus love people and are super sweet and so the puppies will carry those traits! They will wear coats of non shed spiral fleece. Miniature in size 20-27lbs. Standing about 14ins tall. We are expecting colours, of chocolate and perhaps some parti or parti factored. Apricot and perhaps black. Adoption date early April List is open, 1 places taken.


We are thrilled to be waiting for a litter from these two! They have the largest medium Australian Labradoodle puppies that we breed here maturing in size at about 45-55lbs, standing about 19ins tall. They bear the out going temperaments of Storm their dad along with Jekiah’s gentle personality. So much fun.  Wait list is open, there are 4 places taken. Adoption date late April


Parti puppies on the way!! These puppies are always a huge hit with their fun colours and loving temperaments! Rena gives us miniature puppies, maturing at about 17-24lbs, and standing about 15ins tall. They wear non shed wool/spiral fleece coats and are great for those with allergies. We are expecting chocolate parties and perhaps apricot parties and perhaps some black or solid chocolates. The wait list is open and there are 2 places taken. Adoption date set for April 14th 2018


Medium in size 30-40lbs