Chloey at home!

Chloey at home!
Hi Luke and Connie,
I just wanted to update you on our little Chloey.  She has been with us for just about 4 weeks and she is doing great.  She survived the 3 hour drive home without any issues at all and I didn’t even need to use the probiotics you gave me as she adjusted just fine.  My children were so surprised when they saw her that my son broke out into uncontrollable tears.  My son and Chloey have been best friends ever since.  She is such a great little companion for the kids.  They have taught her to “shake a paw” and “peek-a-boo” in less than an hour and she listens to them without a problem.
I have to be honest, I didn’t think with my “A-type” personality having a puppy would be a very good idea.  But I am getting used to her.  Connie, your 4 weeks of training made all the difference in the world.  Chloey came to my house and she was sitting on command and staying.  She does not walk on my carpet and does not attempt to jump or chew on any of my furniture. My children leave their toys around on the carpet and she does not try to take their toys. She rings her bells every time she needs to go outside and we only had accidents for the first 6 days until she got used to us and we got used to her.  My daughter can climb into her crate and take toys right out of her mouth without Chloey even trying to bite her.  My children have even taken her food away and she just sits back and doesn’t bite, growl or jump on them. We have never had an accident in her crate overnight and she never whined in the night at all. We do not use treats to continue to train her, just lots of praise and love.  Your training was priceless, especially for a house hold who has never had and never  grown up with animals. I can see just how easy it is for a puppy to become out of control without the proper training.  I also wanted to thank you for all the support and advice you have given me since we have brought Chloey home. I know I asked a lot of questions and I could not have done it without your professional help.
Her vet check went great, the vet even commented on how well behaved she was for a three month old puppy.  Everyone who walks by has to stop and pet her and they comment on how good looking she is with her green eyes. She is very intuitive and knows just how to behave with every member of our household.  She loves being outside in the rain, cold, wind and wet leaves and that is what I have to get used to dealing with. Everyone laughs when they find out I got a puppy.  They all say that a wet dirty dog in my house is good therapy for me and that I should loosen up after a year with a puppy.  I will not lie and say that having a puppy is amazing, it is a lot of work and many adjustments must be made at home. For anyone who has never had a puppy, I suggest having him/her trained correctly in order to have a wonderful experience. And as for a dirty puppy, I still cannot deal with that and I must bathe her at least once a week. I do not have to wrestle with her anymore and she knows when she needs to be cleaned and washed.  The ear cleaning is great also, she just sits and lets me clean her ears without squirming.
I will send you a few pictures of Chloey and feel free to use them on your site.  Thanks again for your continued advice and support.  My family is blessed to have met you and your wonderful family.
Take care, Dr. Ali

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