Testamonial Labradoodle

Testamonial Labradoodle

Hi Connie and Luke,

It’s been a month and I thought you may like to see how big Miley is getting.  She’s alreay 13 pounds and full of spunk.  She’s a smart little girl, maybe a little too smart for her own good.  She is pretty much house trained with the odd accident every now and then.  She can sit, shake a paw and lay down.  She is an amazing retriever.  Since day one I can throw the ball and she brings it back to me and drops it in my hand.  She knows I am the boss but loves to test me.
We are very proud of her and I definately chose the right puppy.  We need to work on walking on the leash because she likes to play tug of war.  I signed her up for puppy Kindergarden and we start on the 25th.
Hope all is well with the other litters.
Take Care,
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  1. admin June 11, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Miley is a puppy from Skye and Bobbi. She will mature as a medium sized girl! So sweet and oh so special!

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