Puppies doing what puppies do, EAT!

Puppies doing what puppies do, EAT!

Black has been such a wonderful first time mom. She has settled into the roll with seemingly no trouble. A natural!

She has been given six little ones to take care of, there are 5 girls and 1 boy. These puppies are miniature in size 20-24lbs and standing about 25ins tall. It is such a miracle to watch a¬†female dog naturally turn into a mother. Nature just takes over and they seem to “know” what to do and need very little extra instruction from us! The puppies spend the first two weeks of there lives with their eyes tightly closed. They can move but it is a laboured sliding motion, not very agile. Puppies are very fragile at this stage and we try to protect them as much as possible from outside germs and viruses! They only have us as a family handling them and no outside visitors until they are 4 weeks old. These first two weeks are spent sleeping and crawling into mom to nurse on natures best for them, moms milk!!

After two weeks of age the puppies will slowly start to open their eyes, this is a process and not every puppy opens it’s eyes on the same day. Even on the same puppy, the eyes may open on different days. After this stage of opening of eyes, the puppies are going strong. Growing maturing so quickly. We firmly believe that it is so important to the whole of a puppies life to get the right mix of mom care and human interaction and protection form the big wide world during the 2 week adjustment and growing stage.


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