Labradoodle puppy needs

Sleep easy!

Labradoodle puppy needs are pretty basic! Lots of unconditional love and patience as you guide them through all the first of a new home and family. It is so important to remember that while your puppy is old enough to go home it is still a baby with a baby sized brain and bladder! {GRIN}

Here are a few things that we suggest that you have on hand to make transition easier for all of you! {Most things are available in our gift shop.} You are welcome to shop with us for your Labradoodle puppy needs even if you do not purchase a puppy from us.

  • A crate and crate bed/blanket are a Labradoodle puppy need. This creates a safe haven for the puppy to retreat to when life is over whelming. A snuggle toy and a Kong treat toy are great companions for the crate. A crate is also a wonderful tool in potty training!
  • A properly fitting collar and a leash are also a must! I think the this is self explanatory!
  • Food and water dishes and puppy dog food
  • We recommend the Poochie Bells potty training tool as a Labradoodle puppy need! To give you and your puppy a clear signal that he may use to express his needs, speeds up the potty training process.
  • Please have on hand a proper grooming tool, tooth brush and paste and also towels and puppy shampoo. Australian Labradoodles also have unique ear needs and so ear cleaning tools are great.
  • Disinfect and paper towels. ~ That accident or two.

Some things that you may like to have around but are not essential are a dog bed for in the family sitting area, his own personal couch. A nice selection of chew toys and snuggle toys. Puppy treats for rewarding purposes.

You will want to have looked into the vets in your area and booked an appointment for your chosen vet to have a meeting with you and your new puppy. This is mainly for everyone to get to know each other and to reassure you and your vet that your puppy is in tip top shape at adoption time!

To have found a reputable groomer is also a big Australian Labradoodle puppy need!