What to expect when adopting a pup.

No one said it was going to be easy!

Adopting a Australian Labradoodle puppy is perhaps one of the most exciting journeys you and your family will ever undertake!

We are here to help you, to be a friendly guide through this impossibly fun, life changing journey. One of the most important things that you can do is research the breeds that perk your interest and honestly evaluate which of these breeds are best suited for you and your family and friends with whom you spend a lot of time with.

After you have settled on us as your favourite Australian Labradoodle breeder, we will take great joy in allowing you to be as personally involved as possible. We like to keep our adoptive families up to date on what is going on in our family of dogs and so encourage you to follow us on Face Book or Twitter. We post all kinds of fun stuff like matings, whelping, and activities that our dogs are doing just for the fun of it. This is also a great tool for those of you who want to get to know us and our dogs, but are not ready to commit.

Giving us a call or sending the puppy application is a great way to get in touch with us, we will chat about your wants and needs as well as the matings that we have up coming and available now. It will be important for you to know two things above all else. #1 is what temperament are you needing and #2 What time frame works best for you to bring your puppy home. It is ideal for you to have at least a four day weekend to spend quality time bonding and training your puppy. The longer time frame you can give your new puppy the better off you and they will be.

I’m thinking twins!

After we have settled together on which mating is best for you, we ask that you send us the puppy application and a 200.00 non refundable deposit to reserve your spot on the waiting list of your chosen list. Now we all get to wait! :}

Once the puppies are born you will be notified via. Twitter or Face Book and we will post pictures on this website of the new puppies with in the first three days so you can get your first peek! The puppies change only in size the first two weeks, and so the next set of pictures is posted at three weeks. From three weeks till nine weeks when you get to take your puppy home we post weekly individual pictures so you get a front seat in watching your puppy grow. This is a very exciting part of the process!

When the puppies are between 4-5 weeks each family is invited to choose their own puppy from the litter. We partner with you in this process by telling you personality traits we have observed. You can either come out to meet and play with the puppies in person to do this ~ families get 1 hour to pick out their puppy ~ or we can do a phone conference/Face time and decide that way using the pictures off the web site. Please try as hard as you can to be on time! We love for each family to get their hour of uninterrupted time with the puppies! We understand about traffic and things like that………..just do your best so it is fair to everyone!!

Your puppy will go home with you at nine weeks of age. When you come to pick up your pup, we hold a class for all the puppies in that liter with a certified puppy trainer. She spends time with you and teaches you all those first time tips and things you need to know to start off life with your pup as smoothly as possible! At this point you pup will have been given first shots, a micro chip and our worming program. Also revolution and have it’s spay/neuter done. It is a busy nine weeks of growing and learning! Our children help out so much by socializing each puppy and Luke does the early stimulation daily on each pup as well.

It is one of the most fun puppy jounrey’s offered and we welcome you to join us on a journey of adopting a Australian Labradoodle puppy, where you get the happy ending. A brand new puppy to join you and your family!