Puppy School, Good or a gimmick?

We love puppy school! http://youtu.be/Lp6lz54EZ9M This video is of one of our puppy Rooney doing a class!

puppy school

Good job, Merlin!

Socialization is a big word that simply means teaching and exposing your puppy to many different places and beings to build confidence into your puppy and lessen the chances of your Labradoodle puppy maturing into a fearful, aggressive adult. Behaviour issues lessen with more positive socialization experiences!

The best time to socialize a puppy is between 8-18 weeks of age, during this tender and short time in your puppies life you should expose them to a varied amount of positive and growing experiences! Noises, loud and sudden that do not cause harm, young children and wheel chairs, or elevators. Other dogs and puppies, larger and smaller are very important! There are as many fun things to introduce your puppy to as your daily routine and imagination will allow time for, it is so very important that all of these activities are done in a gentle loving way and your puppy feels safe through them all. The goal is to build a trust and to expose your puppy to lots of different environments and cause the your Labradoodle to realize that you will not cause your Labradoodle harm and to build into the very frame work of your Labradoodle puppies brain that the world is a great place to be and not to be feared. A puppy that is to sheltered can turn into a yappy, fearful dog! This is not rewarding for either you or your puppy.

Puppy school or puppy Kindergarten are great places to find other puppies to socialize with and trainers who will guide you in training you Labradoodle puppy to stop nipping or wetting in the house, or any other special area you and your Labradoodle puppy are working to over come! Most puppy schools allow puppies as young as 9-11 weeks to sign up. It is important that you reserch several different options in your area and be sure that the trainers at the puppy school have the same goals as you do for your new Labradoodle puppy!




2 comments on: Puppy School, Good or a gimmick?

  1. Eileen Kirvan December 27, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    We will miss this short window of exposing our puppy to the necessary socialization situations Would appreciate your input .Do you feel that the daily activities of your busy kennel will be all she needs. I don`t want a fearful yappy pup with fears Thanks Eileen

    • admin December 30, 2013 at 10:03 am

      Hi Eileen, This is a very good question! We fell that puppy school is an important part of socializing and training for the puppy and the new family. Being your little pup will need to stay with us during this informative time of learning, we will take responsibility for the socialization and development of the pup. We have a wide variety of friends and visitors that come and some of them bring their canine companions with them, she will have lots of interaction with new people and dogs. New experiences are key to not having a fearful puppy and so she will get lots of those as well. I do not think that you will need to fear that your pup will have issues due to her staying with us through that very informative time!!
      Hope that you are enjoying the warm! It is -14 here!!

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