Arrowheads Puppy Guarantee

Australian Labradoodle puppy Guarantee

Dam: ________________ Sire: _________________ Birth Date: _____________ Sex: ___________

ID number ______________ Sale Price: ________________

Breeder will take every effort to guarantee that every puppy from Arrowhead Labradoodles is in good health at the time of adoption. Because we cannot control the exposure of the puppy after it leaves us we ask that you have your new puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within three days of acquiring your puppy. If you fail do this, this contract is void. We will not ship a puppy until we are certain that it is ready for the trip, and has passed a veterinary health inspection, has had age appropriate vaccinations and worming, and is free from all illness.[at 9 weeks of age]. Seller will send puppies health certificate, and all other registration documents. All pet puppies are spay or neutered prior adoption. Breeder warrants the health of the puppy for the first 36 months of life against hereditary illnesses i.e. Heart, Liver, Kidney failure, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, or any life altering genetic illness that affects the puppy or dog. If a replacement puppy is deemed necessary due to one of the above illnesses, the replacement will be made for the same value of the previous puppy or a refund up to seventy-five percent of the purchase price of the puppy. Buyer must submit, to the breeder, all paperwork along with a letter from a licensed veterinarian, and CERF and/or OFA stating the type of genetic illness/sickness that the puppy is exhibiting in order to determine if a replacement is to be made to buyer. In case of a death due to an unknown cause, an autopsy must be preformed by a licensed veterinarian and a copy of the report sent to seller before any replacement or refund will be made. All expenses i.e. autopsy, licensed veterinarian, Penn Hip, and OFA bills will be the expense of buyer. Puppies and small dogs are sensitive to cool drafts and could get an infection. They are also very susceptible to hypoglycemia [low blood sugar]. Puppies can go through high stress during moves to new homes, changes in diet, as well as too much handling by new owners, this can bring on parasites that can be dormant such as but not limited to, worms and ear mites. Every effort has been made by the breeder to guard against these types of problems, but buyer should be aware of them possibly occurring. These conditions are treatable and do not warrant a return or exchange of puppy. Should circumstance arise that you would not be able to care for a puppy or dog you purchased from Arrowhead Labradoodles, we ask to have first chance to take the puppy back, we will then have the privilege to keep or re-home the puppy or dog.  Small puppies and dogs are very fragile, and every precaution should be made in handling them. This contract is not applicable for accidental injury to a puppy. While the breeder will make a good faith effort to estimate the size and colour of the puppy based on past litters and size of the parents, breeder does not and cannot guarantee size, or colour, of a puppy. We present our puppies as loving pets, and have expended a lot of love, care, and time prior to the puppies adoption. Buyer should be well prepared to continue that same loving care. This includes feeding 4 Strong Paws dog food and giving NuVet vitamins for this guarantee to be valid. By signing below, the parties agree to the terms as described above.

DATED: _____________   Buyer(s) Signature(s):_______________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________ Phone numbers: ___________________-___________________

Email: ____________________         Name of International Airport to Ship to: _____________________________________________

Breeder Signature: _________________________________________________________________ Please note: to reserve your puppy, a $200 down payment along with a completed copy of this contract is required. Personal cheques are excepted  for down payments provided it has time to clear the bank before the puppy is shipped or picked up. Upon pick up of your puppy the balance sum is due via cash, certified cheque, money order or Pay Pal. Your puppy must be paid in full before it leaves our premises. Please make cheques payable to: Luke Erb and send to:

5121 Perth Line 89, RR#1 Gowanstown, Ontario, Canada, N0G 1Y0