Nearly three weeks with our new boy, Merlin, who came home with us at age 4.5 months on February 4th and he has been a doll so far.

Thanks Connie and Luke, for all you did to make him such a good dog.  He is a perfect boy in his crate at night and working on his house-training and accidents are rare, and always that we missed a cue. He has not got the hang of the bell system (we are working on that) but he does give us useful hints.  He has learned a lot in just under 3 weeks (sit, down, stay, come, leave it, that’s not it, and we are working on throwing him a ball and having him bring it back and “drop it” and he has started loose leash training).

He has had to get used to so many scary city things, and he is adapting really well.  He is used to traffic, sirens, bicyclists, cross-country skiers, and has had some entertaining encounters with a snowmobile, and a guy on a sled pulled by two gigantic huskies (honestly, you never know what you will see on the trail around here.)  He has been to training and puppy socialisation classes (which he loves), and the trainer says he is “intelligent and sensitive”.

He LOVES snow and everything to do with winter, is fond of garbage (!) and the hiking trail at the park, and we have been on many long walks each day, despite the rather wintry February we are having.  Thank goodness I found my snow pants after freezing for two weeks! Merlin loves meeting other dogs and enjoys playing with his toys and chewing on bones in the house in the evening.  He is also very good at the vet’s.  When we get our yard fenced, he will have a blast racing around out there.

Thanks again, Connie and Luke!


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