Labradoodle Springtime

Labradoodle Springtime

Oh, the beautiful thoughts of spring! Arrowhead Labradoodle breeders in Ontario are on the edges of the seats waiting for more signs of spring in Labradoodle country!! So far we have spotted crows cawing, ground hogs sitting onto of borrows, Geese and mallard ducks back in thawed rivers and grass peeking through the snow! Still looking for robins and nests! GRIN, might be a bit yet as another snow storm is set to hit!!

Spring has been rather busy here on the farm, we have three girls retiring and moving out on us! They are Bree age 6, Cyprus age 3 and Dew Drop also age 3. These girls have all been so sweet, great mothers. We have bittersweet feelings to watch them go, but they have finished the assignment and done a great job, now get to retire into wonderful families for the rest of their years! We are so very grateful to the families that adopt our girls and promise to love them and care for them all through many Labradoodle springs!! One girl is headed to Cambridge, another to Ottawa and the third is going to London, just on time for Easter!!

We have had several litters that have kept us busy in the photo studio, taking pictures for the weekly up dates on the website. Miss Lights has three little ones all girls and all have families! Raine has six little ones, three girls and three males. Two have families. We have one girl still available from Comet’s litter and two black girls available from Noir’s litter. At this point we only have one girl pregnant. Skye. She and Bobbi have mated and so we are all looking forward to a new litter of puppies middle of next month!

Then there is the daily family life! Luke has been to our vet about every 5 days with some Labradoodle or the other, spays for puppies. Spayes for the retired girls and hip/elbow tests for Dusty. Connie has been doing the website up dates, and making sure our 2 year old stays safe! Taregan and Rayna are just weeks away from being done school and music lessons for this term. Music recital coming right up and along with recital is practices and nerves a tingling!!  We are all looking forward to planting new seeds and seeing if the garlic we planted last year will choose to grow this year!

That is the latest here in southern Ontario, for Labradoodle spring news!! I do hope that your spring is entering sweetly, we’d love to hear about it!


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