Labradoodle Riley in training!

Labradoodle Riley in training!

Riley, miniature Australian Labradoodle. Son of Lights and Tucker has begun his basic puppy training! He is such a good little puppy. Mon. he moved into the house and was doing his best to adjust. He was given a bath and lots of snuggles. He was fitted with his own little collar and leash and crate. His personal blanket and bone toy! I was glad that I had my gift shop to go shopping in for him ~ GRIN~

His first night he did a wondeful job. Very little crying and no messes in his crate! Out side in the morning he did his jobs first thing, just like a big boy! Zoey come to vacation with us for the next two weeks and the two of them are having great times together. Zoey is only 4 months and so they share the same type of fun!

Today there were two accidents, but he is doing a wonderful job of walking on the leash and recognizes his bells when we go to the door. He touched them with his nose, now just to get up the courage to ring them with his paw!!

Another perfect night last night! Way to go Riley! You are going to make



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