Labradoodle puppy in training!

Labradoodle puppy in training!

Labradoodle puppy in training! If there is one thing about being a breeder that is very rewarding and pleasurable, it is this This is a video of one of “our” puppies in puppy school! This little guy is a Australian Labradoodle puppy in training.

Rooney by name, is a medium sized, about 18 ins tall. Cafe latte coloured, loose fleece non shedding, coated Australian Labradoodle male. The Labradoodle puppy in training is very intelligent, to be able to use it’s abilities in a fun and life building way is wonderful for both the Labradoodle in training and the proud fur owner! Labradoodles were bred to be assistance dogs and therapy dogs for those that suffer from allergies. The intelligence that a dog needs to have as well as great temperament for the demands of this type of work are incredible! You will find all of these wonderful traits here in our very own Australian Labradoodles!

Watch the video and know why we are so thrilled to be apart of this amazing breed! Labradoodle puppy in training!

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