Labradoodle Gift Shoppe

Welcome to our Labradoodle store. One of the big excitements perhaps the biggest one next to adopting a puppy is getting everything ready for your puppy to come home! With all the options out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to know just what you will need! What size crate and what styles of beds/toys and grooming tools will be needed. We want to make adopting a puppy just as easy and stress free as possible and so we have added a Labradoodle store!

All Taxes are included in our gift shop prices and we are able to ship to your door. Shipping extra and calculated on shipping date.

Collars & Leashes: Starting your Labradoodle puppy off safely, means about the first accessory you will want to purchase is a good quality collar and leash!  We carry several options, first you can have them match your Poochie Door Bell, a strongly hand made set, or you may like the training option. There is a collar with a chain trainer or a nylon trainer, both are great. There is a chain leash to match if you would like! We also have a rolled leather collar and matching leather leash, rolled collars are easier on a longer coat as the coat will not have as much opportunity to mat! Then there are the cute little puppy collars, reflective with matching leashes or solid colours.

Kong Toys: Are very useful for crate training, put a treat inside the Kong and place Kong and puppy inside crate and Viola! Puppy feels rewarded for being in crate and has a 1/2 hour of fun and treats at his paw tips to boot! What puppy will not like crate time with an introduction such as this?? We also supply the Kong puppy paste to put into Kongs.

Soft Snuggle Toys: Every puppy just needs something to snuggle once in awhile! We have a selection of soft toys some with squeakers for your new puppy to love on!

Ropes and flyer’s: Up and at it moments ask for a toy with more life and strength! Balls and flyer’s to chase, ropes for tug-of-war and wobbly balls. Ropes are great for play and also to keep those teeth healthy and clean!

Tooth care: We carry tooth brushes and tooth paste as well as ropes toys to keep your puppies mouth clean and healthy! Tooth care is very important. Health teeth in your dogs mouth = less nasty oder’s and a happier dog who can chew properly. Please learn how to brush!

Grooming: We prefer a rake type brush for the coat type of the Australian Labradoodle, and so have three types to choose from. Our slicker brush {14.00} works great to rid the coat of burrs and debris, the Rake {14.00} is a great maintenance tool and then there is the 4 in one interchangeable brush {25.00} so that you can have it all at your finger tips.We also supply all natural shampoo {12.00} and ear wipes {6.00}, micro fiber towels {5.00}  My favourite ear care is our therapeutic ear cleaner, helps with ~ smell ~ inflammation if present ~ and in general does a great cleaning job. Ear cleaner 12.00, Pet stain and oder control 12.00 and Puppy/Kitten Shampoo 12.00.

Crate training is strongly suggested. Canine are naturally den/cave dwellers. Having a crate trained dog is a huge benefit as the dog has a comfortable place to be while you are out and you do not need to worry that your home will be chewed when you return! Potty training time is greatly reduced when using a crate. It is important to find a properly sized crate.

All crates are collapsible, black, durable, strong wire construction. We supply small 24x18x19 ~ 50.00 Medium 30x19x22 ~ 75.00 Intermediate 36x23x25 ~ 100.00 Large 42x28x30 ~ 140.00  We also have a medium sized car carrier. Strong nylon fabric, mess windows and fleece floor. Comfortable safe travel ~ 130.00

Beds for the crates also provide a comfortable homey place for your Labradoodle puppy to be, we have 5 options in all 4 crate sizes

Potty Training: Poochie Bells have been a wonderful tool in potty training! Your Labradoodle puppy, and you, the new fur parent have a signal that you both can learn easily. It takes a lot of the frustration out of trying to figure out your new puppy. The puppy rings the bells and you open the door! There are 25+ different ribbon designs for you to choose from. If you have a certain colour to match decor I can get you what you need.

Solid colours and fun designs are 20.00 a set Hooks are 15.00.


The vitamins are WONDERFUL and I recommend giving these to any puppy until at least the first 24 months are over. After this point in a puppies life the hip joints and bones are normally done growing. This vitamin aids in health bone growth joint function and healthy placements. It aids in digestive health and is a great all around product. Great coat and skin is the outward sign of a good inner functioning puppy/dog. 55.00

Joint Plus is a great supplement for your puppy/Labradoodle if he/she has been experiencing joint pain or stiffness. Labradoodles can get the hip/elbow dysplasia and suffer. These is used to ease the inflammation and work to heal and strengthen the joint!


Best in Show probiotic. We LOVE this product. All of the puppies born here are given this several times while with us. We give it after the first car ride, after shots and surgery. Any time we feel like a puppy or dog is going through a stressful time or a time of ill health we give them their probiotic! It WORKS! Aids digestion and eases tummy upset! If you have needed to give your dog probiotics, please also give them this to put back into their systems the good enzymes. Can be given regularly for digestive maintenance. 20.00 a 30cc tube


If you are looking for something special, just let me know and I will try to get it in for you! Please book an appointment to shop in our Labradoodle store or place a on line order, and we will ship it to you!                                                                 Thanks Luke and Connie Erb