Labradoodle Boarding

Labradoodle boarding

Where are my bells??

Labradoodle boarding, one of the things that we enjoy is having “our” puppies come “home” for vacation.

If you are headed out for a weekend or a month or two and are not sure who to trust to take care of your puppy/dog from Arrowhead or Pawpaws we will gladly care for him/her while you take your well deserved holiday! Most of the Labradoodles that have come back to us for vacation have not even needed an adjustment time as they seem to remember all the other Australian Labradoodle friends that they left behind when they were adopted. It is a bit like an extended time Australian Labradoodle family reunion for them……………..they are always delighted to see their human families again, even if they were given free run of acres during their vacation:}

There are a couple of stipulations to your Labradoodle boarding with us:

  1. The dog was purchased from Arrowhead or Pawpaws
  2. You have your dog up to date on all shots and it has no known illnesses
  3. You bring along familiar food and leash and comfort toy/bed
  4. Leave with us contact info for emergency use only
  5. We will use our vet for any care that the dog may need while with us and the extra expense will be charged to dog owner.

If you have adopted a canine brother or sister for your Labradoodle from another breeder we will board both dogs for you, as to be separated would not be happy for anyone!


What a sweet face!

One of the reasons that we enjoy Labradoodle boarding our puppies so much is it enables us to spend time with them after they are grown and helps us to become better breeders in Ontario, we see coat types and temperaments as well as get a inside view of train-ability. This helps us to see which mates are a must repeat with healthy well adjusted puppies in perfect Australian Labradoodle form! Because boarding your grown Labradoodle puppy helps us to move forward as better breeders, we are grateful to be able to offer this service.

We ask, $50.00 a day per Labradoodle.



If you have any questions regarding boarding your Labradoodle puppy/Labradoodle dog with us, please contact Connie.