Australian Labradoodle, Zoey

Australian Labradoodle, Zoey

Hello Connie and Luke,

We just want to touch base regarding our adoption of Zoey.  She was great on the car ride home and adjusted to her new environment almost immediately. She is very happy here and a welcome addition to our family.  She is bonding extremely well with each of us in her own unique way.  She has brought our family closer together and she is welcoming the steady stream of visitors in our home with an open paw.

We love her so much that we can’t imagine how we did without her until now.  Everywhere we go, people stop and comment on how adorable she is.  We tell everyone about you and the services you have provided. The vet commented on the great care that you obviously gave her from her coat, to her personality and everything else from nose to tail.  Paul is ecstatic about his role in our adoption, and Barney and Zoey played really nicely this past weekend on their introduction.

The welcome package you sent was packed with the care and love and is greatly appreciated. Hope your new litter is coming along nicely. Anyone who adopts from Arrowhead Labradoodles is truly lucky. We will send you pictures shortly.
All our best, The Sigesmund Family

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