The following gallery of pictures are our fabulous Australian Labradoodles that carry the Wheaten infusion. These puppies are all medium in size, standing about 18ins tall at the shoulders and weighing in at about 35-45lbs. These Labradoodles are a bit stockier in build and therefore a bit heavier than the Australian Labradoodle without the Wheaten infusion. These Labradoodle puppies are born in colours of shimmering apricot just like the Wheaten and black as well as a black that turns into a beautiful silver colour. These Labradoodles have an easier maintenance coat of open loose super soft fleece. They are just a bit more active and out going than the Australian Labradoodles that do not carry the Wheaten gene. We love this infusion and the adoptive families have had only good to say about them. Browse through the pictures and see if they are the fit for your dream!


Multi generational Australian Labradoodles! So beautiful. These were the first type of Australian Labradoodles to be bred and born here at Arrowhead Labradoodles, and are still a favourite! These Labradoodle puppies are pictured in the photo gallery below and are perfect as therapy companions. These puppies are born in coats of wool or spiral fleece. Colours are Carmel, gold, chocolate, cafe, black and apricot. The temperaments are so great, gentle to everyone young or old, very intuitive and not shy but not in your face constantly either. Perfect love everyone and love to be with you to keep your secrets and share your lives! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is what these puppies are all about. Several of these puppies have gone to special needs people as assistance/comfort Labradoodles. Medium in size.


This is a video of a mature Australian Labradoodle! FUN!


Red coloured Australian Labradoodles! WOW! Red is in the rare colour group and we are so excited to be able to offer you these remarkable Labradoodles. These little ones are large miniature in size and stand between 14-17ins tall they weigh in at between 20-25lbs as mature adult Labradoodles. They wear coats of super soft fleecy wool. They are super friendly and love to be apart of the human world. Out going and good with all ages of humans. This colour is a crowd stopper, the families that own these puppies are commenting on how many people they get to meet through the good looks of their Labradoodle puppy. This is a video of red Australian Labradoodle puppies at 4 weeks. http://youtu.be/gwd_Tk-ZIlA  This is a video of a 10 week old puppy in red having a pile of fun romping around! http://youtu.be/iZ8WFd5RbJ8

Miss Light’s is the only female that we have that gives us the phantom coloured Labradoodle puppies. Phantom is also a rare colour group and we are very pleased to be able to offer these Labradoodle puppies to the world. These Australian Labradoodle puppies are also large miniature in size and weigh in at about 22-25lbs. They are very sweet and special! The temperaments of these puppies are the softest and calmest puppies that we have ever met! They are so sweet and can handle the hustle-bustle of busy family life with out batting an eye! They are great with children and esp. great for children with a special need to have an admiring and faithful companion! Sweetness at it’s best!