ROCCO!! ~ Adopted by Linda

Meet the cutest little man of Arrrowhead!! This little guy has stolen hearts all over the farm!! Rocco is super social and does well when there is lots of action around. He will not do well in a home where he needs to spend most of his day alone. Some one home at least half the time is what this puppy has on his wish list.

Rocco was born on Nov. 14/2017 too our gentle little Annie and our out going Chilli. Rocco is a very tiny guy, he will mature at about 11ins tall and be about 12-17lbs.. He wears a non shed coat of spiral fleece and is sable in colour, he will look like our Tilly in colour as an adult.

He is as funny to watch as a puppy gets, he loves to chase and bring back his ball, he loves to be picked up and carried. He loves to run at your heels, following you everywhere you go..

Rocco has been living as a house trained puppy since Jan 13th.. He is not perfect, but he is well on his way to being a very dependable young pup..

He is working on potty training, come when called, sit, stay, Crate training, Leash training, and good manners in general.

We are asking 5000.00 for our Rocco. This includes the guarantee. The training and all his toys, crate/bed, and comfort things.