Adopted by Monique

Zoey has given us her first litter on Dec3 2017 and is an amazing mom! She has 10 little ones to care for, 3 females and 7 males. All are doing well and growing strong.

These puppies will mature as medium in size, about 30lbs, and 16-18 ins tall. They wear non shed low dander shed coats of spiral fleece or loose open fleece. These puppies will be very allergy friendly, unless you have very sever allergies these puppies should not aggravate you.

The personalities in this litter are expected to be out going and friendly and love everyone. Great for a hike or jog and then also loving to snuggle on your lap or by your feet as you relax.

All of the Labradoodle puppies at Arrowhead go home with: The taxes paid. Early spay/neuter is done for you, first shots and worming, ticks and fleas looked after. Our 3 year health guarantee. They will have a microchip. A nice go home comfort kit, Pedigree and registered with the MDBA. On puppy pick up day there will be a puppy class taught by a certified puppy trainer to give you tips on how to get started!  All puppies are 2850.00

The adoption date for this litter is Feb 3 2018

Pick #1 Monique

Pick #2 Sandra

Pick #3 Lisa

Pick #4 Rick

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