Zephyr Australian Labradoodle

Zephyr Australian Labradoodle is a medium sized Australian Labradoodle with pure, authentic blood lines, she is a daughter of our Bree and Tucker born on Oct. 6 2009. Zephyr carries herself with a graceful and prancing gait! Her confirmation is exceptional. Zephyr Australian Labradoodle has captured the heart of Connie right from birth and has had a major part to play in Connie learning love and stake her claim with the Australian Labradoodle breed! She is just so friendly and gentle and she just seems to know that she is special. A warm and refreshing breeze, just as her name suggests!! LOVE ZEPHYR!

Zephyr has a non shed coat of caramel spiral fleece, a perfect solution for a companion if you are having allergy troubles.

Zephyr has been tested for hips OFA Good/elbows OFA clear and had her DNA testing, and heart ~ clear. She is a healthy girl and has given us Australian Labradoodle puppies with great temperament and look. Her Labradoodle puppies carry her love everyone, happy personality. They are wonderful family companions!

Zephyr has also been adopted into a wonderful foster family! She gets to love and live with two young people and her human parents. She just LOVES her life in the midst of a busy family and we are very grateful to her family for all the care they have poured into her!

Zephyr Australian Labradoodle is always eager to meet new friends both of the human and canine world. She would enjoy giving you a snuggle.

CERF Zephyr          Zephyrs Pedigree           PRAvWDcertificate2_pdf                OFA Zephyr

Zephyr Australian Labradoodle

Typical Zephyr, a wag and a beg for attention!