Miss Black

Australian Labradoodle femaleSweet, cute and friendly! What more could a person want in a forever friend? Australian Labradoodle female, Black is a beautiful example of a pure Australian Labradoodle! She loves people, carries herself with that prancing gait and is in tune with your feelings! There is just nothing to dislike about this girl!

Black is a medium sized girl, a daughter of our Dreamers Just Let Me Dance – Bree and Sunset Hills Tuxedo Bear – Tucker. She wears a coat of pure black fleece, which is important to any breeding program as to not dilute the colour genes to much creating the impure pigments of “rose nose.” We are delighted with the confirmation of this girl and her testing is all completed as well. OFA good hips and OFA negative for elbows. Her heart is tested clear and she is DNA clear as well.

Black Australian Labradoodle female lives in the north with her foster family! Linda and her husband John and grown daughter Kate are doing a wonderful job of loving and taking care of our little girl. Black has settled in and is enjoying life very much with her family as of April 2012.

Pedigree Madame Noir              OFA Madame Noir                certificate2_pdf Blacky

Blackie’s family has written a few words about her to post on her page and sent a few pics to share as well! Here is what Linda, John and Kate have to say about their girl!

My husband John and I brought Blackie home on April 28 2012. We are so grateful to Luke and Connie for entrusting their Madame Noir to our care. Along with our daughter Kate, we could not be happier to be Blackie’s foster family. She has quickly become comfortable with life in our home and the routine of daily living here. She is my best pal and follows me everywhere I go. She is curled up in a ball at my feet, snoring happily, as I write this!! She and our 18 year old cat, while not BFFs yet, are getting along very well and have been seen lying side by side on our bed! Blackie has made some new canine friends on our street and is looking forward to a play date with Ruby, a five month old Cockapoo. She is a favourite of our human neighbours as well, who comment that she is very friendly, calm and incredibly cute! The little boy up the street loves to pat Blackie and Blackie loves to be patted. Our vet thinks she is the picture of health, weighing in at 25 pounds and standing approximately two feet tall. I think one of the funniest things about Blackie is how she reacts to animals on T.V. If she sees a dog she starts to bark and if the T.V. dog is barking Blackie jumps off the couch, runs up to the T.V. and barks loudly at the screen..too funny! I am particularly impressed with how quickly Blackie learns. She is a very smart little girl. She is also a bit of a scamp…..although she knows what toys are hers to chew, she prefers John’s pyjamas, but only when I’m not looking!

My family’s quality of life has been enriched since Blackie came to live with us. Kudos to Connie and Luke for their dedication to producing awesome dogs!

Linda Minnis  Huntsville, Ontario

All Black’s beautiful coat, trip to the groomers for a summer cut!

Black feeling cooler with all that fleece off.