Australian Labradoodle RaineBeautiful and soft, just like a spring rain that gently falls and nourishes the earth this girl is just like that. Our Australian Labradoodle Raine loves to be with people and has a very gentle way about her. She is not a trouble maker or trying to be top dog she is just content to live her happy life and be a sweet loving little girl to all who come across her path.

Australian Labradoodle Raine is a daughter too Dreamers Just Let Me Dance and Sunset Hills Tuxedo Bear. She is medium in size and wears a apricot spiral fleece coat. Raine has passed all of her health testing and is ready to be a mommy. First litter will be born on Aug. 7 2012. We are so very excited to meet her red Australian Labradoodle puppies as she is going to pass on fabulous temperaments to her young!

Raine is apart of our retirement clan, she lives with her mom Bree with a wonderful family. The Wenn’s are taking really good care of her and we wish her the happiest of retirements! She deserves it!!  She is just loving it with them, and they are treating her like the wonderful friend that she is. We are so happy for everyone as this has been a wonderful placing!

Pedigree Soft Raine                OFA Soft Raine                 DNA for Soft Raine