Skye is a super friendly Labradoodle female, always wearing a smile and never aggressive with either human or canine. It is said that the happiest people are the ones with a clear conscience! This is our Labradoodle Skye just a gentle love, beautiful inside and out!

We totally love our Skye and about everyone who comes on out and meets her just cannot get enough of her loving and friendly personality. She loves to watch people come in the lane, as they get out of their car or truck she will begin to gently wag her tail. She is trained to an underground fence and so she waits patiently while we all exchange hellos and then it is her turn! Skye will very gently lift her front feet off of the ground and place them on your side or front. From this vantage point she looks into your eyes begging for some loving ear rubs. She knows no strangers and is so gentle that it is impossible to tell her to get down as she is not trying to be rude, just get to where she can really see into your heart! What a sweet Australian Labradoodle female!

Skye has been adopted by a loving foster family and now lives in Waterloo with her two boys and her adult humans. She also gets to live with one of her Australian Labradoodle cousins and so is enjoying her life to the fullest! Thanks to her family for all the care given to our beautiful and gentle Skye.

Skye is a very intelligent girl, who loves to know she has pleased us. She wears a non shed coat of spiral fleece and was born chocolate and is fading into a beautiful cafe colour!

Skye is a medium sized Australian Labradoodle female, born right here at Arrowhead on Dec 7 2010. Her mom is Bree ~ Dreamers Just Let me Dance, and her dad is Tucker ~ Sunset Hills Tuxedo Bear and so she carries genes that go right back to Rutland Manor, genes she can be proud of.

Skye has passed her hips ~ OFA good and elbow OFA clear. As well as her DNA and Cardiac ~ clear  Thyroid ~ good. She has also been tested for PRA and is a type 2. Pedigree Skye