F1b Labradoodle femaleMiss Lights! What can I say! She is a beautiful girl in her phantom colours! She is so super friendly and while she is a bit shy with strangers she is a wonderful girl inside and out! Lights has been an amazing addition to our program and her puppies are of therapy quality! Intelligent, calm and laid back and yet so very friendly and non aggressive! Lights, F1b Labradoodle female has a funny little quirky greeting. She will buzz up to you all excitted, and then she will lay in front of you with tail just a wagging head all turned crooked so she can see up into your face. It is so funny to see, she does not want to invaid your space, but still so wants to be with you and enjoying life together!

 We just LOVE LOVE LOVE her puppies both for look and temperament!! She is a wonderful caring female and her puppies want for nothing. Lights is amazingly resilient! She gave us seven puppies and gained weight while nursing them! Her health is amazing and we are so grateful to her for the great start she gives her puppies!

Lights wears a super soft coat of non shed fleece and in the picture is clipped quite short! She is in foster care with Vic and Sherri and their children. We enjoy having her come back to us just as often as she can.

Lights is a miniature F1b Labradoodle female, born to our retired miniature F1 Labradoodle Star and our miniature party Poodle Domino. She has had all her testing done and has OFA Good hips and normal elbows, PRA clear by parentage.

vWD certificate/ DNA Miss Lights

Miss Lights retired Feb 2015.. All the best sweet girl!