Australian Labradoodle

Misty at 1 year old

Meet Misty!

Have you ever wished for a super sweet, gentle, intuitive friend in canine form? This is the girl for you!! Misty is quiet, intuitive and so very friendly. She is a perfect dear! Never one to cause any trouble!

Misty was born on Jan. 6 2013 to our Multi generational Australian Labradoodle female Bree and Bobbi, our Wheaten infusion male. She is a sister to our Australian Labradoodle female Sunny.

Misty wears a non shed loose fleece coat of black, we are waiting to see if it fades to that beautiful silver colour. Misty has PERFECT confirmation! A beautiful square face with a slender and perfectly square stance. She is the perfect look for an Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog. Cobberdog, due to the fact that she has blood lines that go back to the founders lines and is acceptable with the MDBA registry. Misty is a good looking, great blood lined medium sized sweety! Standing 17ins tall and weighing in at about 37lbs.

Misty is delighted to get to live with a very loving family in Burlington with her canine cousin as well! Life is one happy moment to another for this gentle friendly girl! We are so very thrilled with her loving foster family as they take exceptional care of this sweet female!

Misty has passed her health testing and we are so excited to welcome fleece coated sweet and gentle Australian Labradoodle puppies!







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