Female Australian LabradoodleComet, female Australian Labradoodle has the personality of a happy little song bird! Sunshine after the rain! Always happy and prancing, Comet has the beautiful gait of the Australian Labradoodle ~ So beautiful and graceful to see! Comet always up for a good time of ear scratching and belly rubbing, in her mind a tail wagging good time! She sure shines in her orbit!

Comet our female Australian Labradoodle, has given us the joy of beautiful red Australian Labradoodles. She has been a wonderful mother and her puppies have all been friendly and out going family companions. We have heard so many great things from the adoptive families about the train-ability and good nature of her puppies! We are proud to call Comet our own!

Comet is a daughter of Bree and Tucker’s and a litter mate to Dew Drop born June 5th 2010. Comet has a non shedding fleece coat in Carmel colouring. She has passed all of her testing as well, Hips OFA ~ Good and Elbows OFA Clear. Heart – clear and DNA tested as well.


Comet has moved into a wonderful family with  couple who loves her VERY much!! Happy retirement Comet!

Comet loves to be where the people are!

Light on her feet, super happy and friendly! Love Comet!!


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