Labradoodle Retirement

We have had several dogs that have moved from being working dogs to Labradoodle retirement! Unlike us humans our dogs get to retire at about 6 years of age. After they retire they get to either stay with the family that they have been living with or if they have been with us they get to be adopted into a loving family. Feel free to scroll down through these amazing dogs as they have given us here at Arrowhead and the whole future of the Australian Labradoodle breed a huge gift of time and energy. They are beautiful companions who deserve to be and are being treated like pampered early retirement heroes!


This girl is a charmer with our youngest daughter! She loves when Talia comes out to play with her. Dew Drop Australian Labradoodle will follow her around licking her hands and in general being very motherly. Dew Drop Australian Labradoodle is true to the breed as being very intuitive, she seems to understand that while Talia’s loving is a bit on the rough side sometimes as her baby hands are not always co ordanated properly, that she means no harm and loves her more for it!

Dew Drop has a wool Carmel coat. She is a large medium in size, weighing in at 35lbs and standing 18ins tall. Dew Drop is a daughter of Bree and Tucker as well with a birthday of June 5 2010. Dew Drop has been tested for OFA hips -good and elbows OFA – clear. We have tested her heart -clear and done her DNA as well.

Dew Drop loves the out of doors and finds that laying under the shade tree or on the porch, is a wonderful way to pass the time. She is a wonderful Australian Labradoodle and we are excited to have her go home to Mike to spend the rest of her days in retirement bliss! All the best Dew Drop and thank-you!!




Beautiful Cyprus! Most everyone who comes out to visit leaves loving this girl! She is so genuinely interested in everyone that it is hard to resist her! She meets everyone with eager anticipation of a pat and ear message! Cyprus is happiest being the center of attention and although she is a small standard in size has never knocked one of our little ones down!She is just so gentle and easy to get along with. She is also great with other dogs, very much an easy come easy go type of a girl.

F1b female Labradoodle Cyprus has an amazing coat of wavy non shed fleece, in true black! She has not faded a bit. She is a standard sized F1b female Labradoodle. Cyprus has had all her health testing done.

Cyprus is a very calm and doting mother to her puppies, she is there taking care of their every need. This has been a wonderful asset to the personalities and the ability to adjust to any lifestyle. The temperaments of Cyprus’s puppies is just the sweetest!

Cyprus has moved to Ottawa, Congratulations Cyprus and all the very best!!





Bree is super friendly and has been a wonderful base for our program,She just loves people and is very intelligent and her puppies are very easy to work with and easily trained.

Bree has been fully tested for hips OFA good /elbows OFA clear, DNA and heart.

Bree Australian Labradoodle is wearing an apricot coat of spiral fleece and is non shed. Several of Bree Australian Labradoodle puppies have been adopted into families with sever allergies, her puppies have not bothered the families members at all! We are so thrilled for these families as they have been able to live a family dream as a dog owner, with an Australian Labradoodle by their side.

Stephan and Martha and their two wonderful children have adopted Bree into their family. They are doing a great job of caring for her and allowing her to live the life of luxury she deserves! Needless to say she is enjoying life very much! Watch Bree’s last litter of puppies here.