Australian Labradoodle studSunsethills Tuxedo Bear       MDBA Reg No: 11100030

Tucker!! The alpha male and perhaps the handsomest of them all!

What a sweet mix of a boy, Tucker loves his family, and likes other visitors as well. Mostly he likes to watch you all as you enjoy your tour of our farm and Labradoodle companions and smile shyly wagging his tail in a gentle “hello”.

Australian Labradoodle male Tucker came to us all the way from Australia, he for sure has had the longest travels to get here. He has come to be a favourite of many of our guests and has given us so many beautiful puppies, true to type for the Australian Labradoodle breed. The dancing, prancing gait, non shed allergy friendly wool coat and the gentle, intuitive personality. Australian Labradoodle male Tucker has therapy lines in his blood lines and several of his puppies have made their way into the homes and hearts of our autistic and special needs friends.

Australian Labradoodle male Tucker was the first Australian Labradoodle male we have had the priviledge to call ours! He and Bree, our foundation female have a special bond. They love to be together and go jogging together when ever they can. One day Tucker and Bree were out together exploring the home stead, when Tucker decided to roam just a bit further than he knows he should! Luke saw him go and called him back, the others Labradoodles were all swimming in the pond and so for a reminder to obey Tucker was sent to the house. Well what do you know, Bree faithful friend she is followed him and stayed by his side. Taking his punishment with him

Australian Labradoodle male Tucker is a medium sized boy, 18ins tall and 35lbs.

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