Thunder Jack


Thunder @ 5 weeks old!


Thunder is a sweet male that we are so delighted to add to our Labradoodle family! Thunder was the last puppy we were able to keep from his loveable mother Australian Labradoodle Comet, and dad Jack, who has been a best friend to our children for years! He was born on Oct 2 2016. We are so happy with his loyal and gentle fun loving personality! He loves to follow anyone around, he is so loyal and friendly!

Thunder wears a non shed coat of spiral fleece, in very light apricot color. He is miniature and so will mature at about 20lbs and stand about 15ins tall.

This young male will be the star of our program when he matures and is fully tested! Can’t wait to meet his off spring! I know I am going to be thrilled!


thunder & taregan thunder face thunder sitting Thunder standing