Chilli! Good looking Labradoodle!

Chilli! Good looking Labradoodle!

Talia is 3 and Chilli 025 Talia is 3 and Chilli 023Meet our young Australian Labradoodle stud Sweet Chilli Heat! Named after Luke’s favourite flavour of Dorito. This boy is an up and coming, he is one of our own. Multi generational Australian Labradoodle Comet is his mother and Toy Poodle Flame is his father. He is a miniature in size and will mature close to 24lbs and standing 15ins tall. Chilli has the best confirmation and his face is super cute!! Square and the perfect teddy bear shape!

Chilli has a wonderful friendly personality, as he matures he is becoming a out going, yet calm and friendly little guy! We are super happy with him!! As one of the Australian Labradoodle studs he will pass along his wonderful sweet personality and loving, friendly temperament! I cannot dream of a more perfect young male to carry on the Australian Labradoodle dream!

Chilli wears a coat of soft non shed wool/fleece, in the beautiful colour of RED! This is a popular and rare colour. We are very happy with our Sweet Chilli!!

Born July 21 2013.

Chilli is happy to live with a foster family near by, and so he gets to come home for holidays when ever his foster family goes away! He has the sweet life with lots of children to dote on him. So much so that his human parents have a hard time being firm with him! This Australian Labradoodle stud has lots of fans!

Chilli hip and Elbows 001 Chilli Pedigree PRA Chilli Chilli Cardiac 001

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