Welcome to the place where you can meet the most incredible Labradoodle/Cobberdog males of the Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog breed!

Labradoodle malesWe are so very pleased with our boys. We are happy to introduce them to you. They are a wonderful mix of handsome good looks! From our woolly Tucker to our very loose fleece coated Storm, they are truly a wonderful sight!

Much time and effort has been put into making sure that our Labradoodle males are from authentic and pure lines, this means that you get the benefit of knowing where your Labradoodle puppy really hails from and that it is a true blue Australian Labradoodle/Codderdog!  Confirmation and tail carriage as well as ears, teeth and skin are all apart of the research for us as we look for the very best in Labradoodle males to carry on the legacy of Arrowhead Labradoodle breeder!

Temperaments of a male Australian Labradoodle are so very important, just as important as the temperament of the Labradoodle female. We have seen over and over that the Labradoodle males temperament comes through to the Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog puppies even when dad has very little to do with the Labradoodle puppies he has sired.

When looking for a Labradoodle puppy be sure to ask about the puppies fathers temperament as well as the mothers! All of our Labradoodle males carry a beautiful temperament and we trust them all completely around our young children. They are well socialized and well kept!

Labradoodle/Cobberdog malesAll of our boys are health tested and up for stud to approved breeders and females. HEALTH, it is so very important in our Labradoodle males! All have passed the required heath testing and you can find the results of each individual Australian Labradoodle Males testing posted for you to see on his page. We do not breed Labradoodle males that have not passed testing, and we want you to be able to see the health and genetics behind your puppy!

Please do visit our Labradoodle/Cobberdog males individual pages, and I hope that you are as impressed and proud of them as we are!!