Labradoodle Foster Homes

labradoodle foster homeThe Labradoodle foster home program is a very important one to us here at Arrowhead. We want to help to forward the Australian Labradoodle breed, and this requires that we have quite a number of the authentic Australian Labradoodle dogs in our breeding program. We also do not think that it is fair to the dogs if they are kenneled all of their lives and never get the chance to live a life as a cherished friend. With all of this in mind, we felt that the Labradoodle foster home program would allow us to provide our valued friends in good homes and still be able to forward the breed onto recognition as a pure breed. {We hope that one day soon this will happen for the amazing Australian Labradoodle breed}

The requirements for a Labradoodle foster family first and foremost require honesty, and a willingness to work with us at Arrowhead and commitment to the Australian Labradoodle that is placed in your care! The life and forwarding of this entire breed depends on the love and care that we as human care takers pour into our Australian Labradoodles.

  • You will need to have access to good vet care. While we pay any vet care that is related to the pregnancy and birthing you are responsible for all other vet care and grooming.
  • You need to be able to bring the Labradoodle to us for matings and whelping, you are welcome to visit your Labradoodle any time during it’s stay with us.
  • You need to learn about the fertility cycles of a Labradoodle
  • You must have a safe fenced back yard for the Labradoodle to play in.
  • You must have fresh water for them at all times and we also have a dog food and some supplements that we require given to your Labradoodle.

Labradoodle foster homeOur policy is that any one of our Labradoodles must be at least a year old and have passed all of it’s testing before being mated the first time. We also do not breed a female Australian Labradoodle past the age of six and st this point we spay or neuter the Labradoodle and while we love to stay in touch as we think of our foster families as friends, the Labradoodle is at this point all yours!

If you have any other questions or are interested in which Australian Labradoodles are available at this time for Labradoodle foster homes please contact us, we will be happy to chat with you and help you to decide if this is the route for you and your family.

We have several wonderful families working with us as Labradoodle foster homes, and we thank them very much for the love and commitment that they put into their dogs!