Meet Australian Labradoodle female, Waltzing Matilda ~ Tilly!


Waltzing Matilda the beautiful!!

Waltzing Matilda the beautiful!!

Tilly is a sweet heart to be sure! She is super friendly and out going. She knows no strangers! Yet, she is soft and very intelligent, easy to train and a doll that loves to be snuggled!

Tilly is an Australian Labradoodle female, second generation from the Wheaten infusion. Her coat is so incredible you need to see and touch for yourself! It is a non shedding loose fleece and is super full and soft! We have allowed her to go a full year and a while with no full hair cut, you would not believe that she is still as soft as she always has been and she has NO MATS in her coat! This is a wonder, as most Australian Labradoodles would be very matted with not having a clip of some sort during the puppy to adult coat change! This is a dream come true for our program and we are so very excited to share her with you!

She has beautiful high lights in her black of a soft chocolate colour, it is exciting to watch her!

Tilly is a medium sized girl, maturing at 18ins tall with a weight of 43lbs.

Tilly is a daughter to our Multi generational Australian Labradoodle, Tucker and an Australian Labradoodle female named Sugar Bell.  Sugar Bell lives in Indiana with a breeder friend of ours and we are ticked to be allowed to have this sweet girl! Sugar Bell is a delightful girl!  Thanks Laban!

Tilly has an goofy, fun loving personality and gets along great with all of our other Australian Labradoodles and humans of all ages! We are just loving having her be apart of us here at Arrowhead and are excited to introduce you to her when you have a chance to visit!! If you do visit us here you will be greeted with the enthusiasm of a long lost friend! Feel the love, love, LOVE!!



Hips and elbows Tilly 001 IC Tilli PRA Tilli Tilly Cardiac 001

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