Onyx 6 weeksOnyx 9 weeksMeet our up and coming Australian labradoodle, Cobberdog ONYX!!

This sweet little girl was born on April 7 2015, her parents are, our out going super sweet Australian Labradoodle mom Tilly, and her dad is Australian Labradoodle Remington. These two have created a beautiful girl in Onyx. Tilly is a grand daughter to our Bobbi and so this young girl is the third generation removed from our Wheaton infusion.

We have been so pleased with the perks this infusion has brought to our breeding program. We are the only ones in North America with these lines. Making this girl and all our Wheaten infusion Labradoodles very special.

This Australian Labradoodle female, is medium in size. Maturing at about 35lbs, she will stand about 18ins tall.

One of her most outstanding features is her loose fleece non shed, SUPER soft coat! She is so stunning and just lOVES to be loved. Onyx loves to be trained, she has a quick mind that loves and needs to be stimulated. She is such a sweet girl. Onyx is a beauty in her silver colouring and we have had so much fun watching her mature. She started out as a pure black puppy, but was transitioning already at 7-8 weeks of age. You can see with her pictures now she is a doll, in silver!!



sitting in doors facepedigree-poppy-onyx looking onyx side stand OFA Poppy Onyx Onyx DNA Orivet__asapgenetics_atc_outbound_pdfs_16-068585-1003563

Looking forward to STUNNING Australian Labradoodle, Cobberdog puppies ………..

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