cobber dog female

4 months old

MEET BRIGHT SUNSHINE!! Cobberdog female!

sunny with Xander

Love this picture of Sunny with her human brother!!

Our son was sitting on the couch and the spring sunshine was shining right into his eyes, he declared “the next puppy we get should be named Bright Sunshine!” It stuck and this beautiful little girl has her name!! Bright Sunshine is a litter mate to Misty and we are so excited that they get to grow up together! Misty and Sunny are Australian Labradoodles with a first generation Wheaten infusion. This lifts their ears and gives better ear health, also the Wheaten infusion gives them a non shed loose fleece coat. As

cobber dog female

Sunny at 1 year

this coat matures it becomes incredibly soft and easy to care for, a brush will just pull right through no trouble at all. Great for those who are at the cottage or love to go hiking, no more burr trouble!!

Sunny is a medium sized girl, standing 18ins tall and weighing in at about 40lbs, she is beautiful in confirmation, standing straight and strong.

Sunny’s personality is so sweet, she is gentle in her approach to life and visitors and just loves a scratch behind the ears and some loving, she gets along great with all other dogs and humans of all ages! Sunny also has a perky, fun side. When the pears were ripening on the tree she would jump just as high as she could trying to pick one or two to naw on. She has also been found laughing to herself about what ever jokes she is telling and she LOVES to play with Misty they are so happy together and love to chase and then lay down together to enjoy just being together!

Cobberdog female

cobber dog female

Pretty girl!

We are so pleased to have Sunny, an authentic Cobberdog female, join our program and look forward to introducing you to her amazing true blue blood lines Cobberdog, puppies!!


Sunny lives with a wonderful foster family. We and Sunny think this is an excellent arrangement.





PRA Sunny Pedigree Arrowhead Bright Sunshine OFA Arrowhead Bright Sunshine Cardiac Arrowhead Bright Sunshine

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