Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog MIMI!! This sweet heart carries the Wheaten infusion, the 4th generation past. This sweet little girl was born to our Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog Lydia and Australian Labradoodle Remington On Dec 12 2015. mimi-side-1-year

This girl is a doll! She is a small medium about 27lbs, standing about 16ins tall. She wears a loose fleece coat of silver that shimmers in the light, it has high lights that make many a lady envious! GRIN! This is also a low dander shed and non shed coat. Perfect for those with mild-moderate allergies to hair and dander. Most people do not have allergic reactions to our Labradoodles.

Besides her outer beauty, Mimi carries herself with a gentle sweet grace. She is friendly and calm with just enough of a bounce to make her lots of fun! Mimi is liked by all the other Labradoodles that come and go from our home, she is non aggressive and confident.

Labradoodles are super intuitive and there fore easy to train, they love to please their human family and are food motivated making the training process, while still work, easier than with many other breeds.

We are super excited to see how puppies from this sweet Australian Labradoodle / Cobberdog will change the lives of their families! All joy..










Remington & Mimi!


Mimi! So pretty!

arrowhead-meme face-shot