masked female 1 4 weeksLuke's 6 weeksAustralian Labradoodle, Cobber dog Lidia,- for sure a stately addition to our program of elite Australian Labradoodles/Cobber dog! This girl is a specialty!! She is the 3rd generation past our Wheaten infusion and has quick wits, incredible intelligence and her loose fleece non shed coat say it all! This look has been incredibly popular. One still needs to take care with this coat, regular brushing and grooming is required. Some would say it is a bit easier care than the curls, but both do require time.

Her temperament is so sweet as well, loving and snuggly with a friendly out going personality that makes her the hit at every party she goes too! She is an excellent mother Cobber dog and loves to be loved. Her puppies follow right in her footsteps with lots of love to share. They have been a huge delight to us and their families!

She was born to dad Australian Labradoodle Chilli and mother Australian Labradoodle Tilly on Oct. 11, 2014 a thankful thanks giving day surprise! One of a litter of 12. Both parents and Lydia are registered with the MDBA Labradoodle/cobber dog association in Australia!

Australian Labradoodle Cobber dog Lidia has completed her testing and has passed it all flying colours! So happy with our darling Lidia.

We are so excited to watch her mother some more of these wonderful family companions! Watch with us as she grows and learns!Lydia hip elbow 001 Lydia pedigree 001


Cobberdog Cobberdog

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