Australian Labradoodle Rena & Party Poodle Oakley have mated and given this BEAUTIFUL Australian Labradoodle puppy! IMG_2721

Born Dec 23rd 2016, there were 2 females and 4 males in Lotus’s litter. What a wonderful Christmas gift!  Lotus LOVES to be loved! She lives with a wonderful foster family. Their family adores her, when she moved in, she hardly missed a beat. She is so adaptable! She is full of fun and the teenage daughter was so thrilled with how readily she snuggled right in fully trusting and giving!

Lotus, is miniature in size, maturing around 18lbs, and standing around 14ins tall. She wears a non shed coat of spiral fleece. In colours of white and chocolate parti! SO CUTE!

So excited to have her add her touch of gentle flair to our puppies!

Arrowhead Lotus Hips Elbows and Cardiac

Arrowhead Lotus Pedigree