Jekiah is a very special Australian Labradoodle. She is born to our super sweet Australian Labradoodle female, Madam Noir as the last hurrah to her career as a momma Labradoodle.

Her dad is our daughter Talia’s dog, Australian Labradoodle, Remington, and so between the two of them this girl is a very good fit for our program! Jekiah is such a fun mix of a personality! She is quiet and sensitive like her mom and friendly and out going like her dad. All parts of her in their turn! So much fun to watch her in action!!

Jekiah was born on July 11 2016, into a litter of 7. She is a medium sized girl standing about 17ins tall and weighing about 30lbs. She wears a non shed coat of spiral fleece, and so is great for those with allergies and sensitive skin. She does not carry our Wheaten infusion.

with baby side shot face #2 standing

Jekia 7 weeks

Jekiah @ 7 weeks old

We are so looking forward to some VERY sweet puppies from this gentle girl!!

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OFA Jekia Pedigree Arrowhead Noir Jekia