bozrah side profile 6 monthsMeet Bozrah!!

We are very excited about the potential of this girl to our program! Bozrah is a multi generational Australian Labradoodle with a perfect pedigree. She carries the original lines, we imported semen from a very nice stud, and is new blood for us at Arrowhead Australian Labradoodle breeder in Canada. Bozrah was born on Sept 13 2013. Her mother is multi generational Austrlalian Labradoodle Satin and her father is also a multi generational Australian Labradoodle, Mowgley. Thanks to Rachel from Dare to Dream for this wonderful male!

Bozrah has a beautiful fleece coat that is super soft to the touch and is non shed! She will not lose hair unless brushed and has a low dander shed that makes her a wonderful option for those with allergies. Bozrah is medium in size and will stand about 18ins tall and weigh in at around 40lbs as an adult. bozrah face 6 months

Bozrah is just enjoying life with her best friend and sister, Tekoa. Those two are such a fun loving pair.

bozrah front profile 6 monthsBozrah loves people and is such a soft hearted sweetie!   She looks forward to meeting you if you ever decide to pop out to her part of the world!







Bozrah hip-elbow 001 IC Bozrah PRA Bozrah

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