Cobberdog femaleThis sweet and friendly Cobberdog female is our Autumn, she was born on Sept 20 2015. Her parents are our miniature female Australian Labradoodle Lady Rena. Her father is our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Bobbi. Both of her parents have been wonderful additions to our programme, They each have a sweet and friendly personality and are very easy to train and love!
Autumn in her mature beauty!!

Cobberdog female Autumn, will mature as a miniature Labradoodle. We expect her to mature at about 23lbs, and stand about 15ins tall. She wears a non shed coat of open loose fleece. It is a non shed so you will need to be careful to pluck ears and brush it very well, twice a week.

Autumn is well loved and is moved to a foster families home. She is loving having a few children and some adults to take care of her and love her through life!

So excited to see what puppies from this darling girl will be like!

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5786 Autumn (Luke) 7 weeks