miniature Labradoodle

9 week puppy!

Australian Miniature Labradoodle female Annie is our Darling  Australian Labradoodle. Born to one of our own Australian Labradoodle Madame Nior and Domino. Annie is a sweet gentle mini girl, she is a bit shy at the out set but warms up and loves everyone easily. Her family loves how she eases into life with gentle ease, they never have to worry about her being aggressive with all the comings and goings of the children and their friends.

Annie wears a non shed coat of spiral fleece, it is a sweet teddy bear look. She needs her brushings and grooming’s for sure as you do not see hair laying about the house, but will have it come out in your brush, this is typical of the breed.

Annie is a miniature Labradoodle, she stands about 15ins tall and weighs about 18lbs. A small package of sweetness.

Annie is growing up and is delighted to have her very own foster family to live with, there are 2 children and 2 adults that dote on her, and she is delighted with her lot in life. Another perk is that she gets to visit us at Arrowhead plenty too. It really is a good life!!


Miniature Labradoodle

All grown up!! SO SWEET!

Annie has completed her health testing and passed flying colours! We are so pleased and proud of this little girl! Annie hip elbow 001 Annie pedigree 001

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