What are we looking for in our Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog females??

Beauty? Yes, but not foremost. The first thing we look for in a girl that is being kept for a potential breeding female is health and look, does the puppy have the correct coat? Will the puppy have the correct stance and build and how about them teeth and eyes. If everything looks good on the outside we start to look at the temperament of the puppy, no bad tempers are allowed! These Labradoodle girls are being asked to do a valuable and enjoyable work with their lives and only the best are picked. It is so sweet to watch the instant bonding and love a Labradoodle female will give to her puppies! Labradoodles and Cobberdogs are very gentle and make great mothers! This is directly visible in the temperaments and actions of the puppies! Australian Labradoodle puppies who have a energetic mother ofter are the Labradoodles who are also more out going and  energetic. It pays to watch moms temperament when adopting a Labradoodle/Cobberdog puppy!

We do not breed any of our Australian Labradoodle/Cobberdog females until they have passed testing and also had their first birthday, we feel it is important to our Australian Labradoodles future after their breeding years are over to make sure we care for and not over breed the girls. For us this includes not starting to young. We also do not breed the girls past six and so this gives each and every girl a chance to live in a retirement home for many years doing nothing but being pampered and loved by her adoptive family. We are sad to see our girls go when the time comes, but we know that they are well cared for and sometimes the girls are in the foster program and just get to stay with their families to retire!

Something that we love to do with our girls is take them to the local retirement home! This is always cause for great excitement and joy, both for our Australian Labradoodles and our retired friends! it is fun for us to watch the girls go from person to person bringing smiles and cheer! They were bred to be therapy companion dogs and it really shows when we are out and about with them at the retirement home!